St Johns Estate



St John’s Estate

Year: 2012

Location: Higgovale, Cape Town

Quantity Surveyor: Steele Consulting

Structural Engineer:  Ugo Rivera

Contractor: Justin Stewart Builder


Our work included a complete internal re-design and the addition of pergolas to help reduce the visual bulk of the building. Generous openings are provided resulting in new connections between indoors and the surrounding site. A new dining room is created on the sun-filled north terrace serving to extend the living space out, whilst reinforcing views of Cape Town’s beautiful harbour. The living room and kitchen occupy one large space with large french doors introduced encouraging living to spill out onto the verandas.

Pergolas are introduced to provide shade for these newly occupied verandas, whilst breaking down the visual mass of the building. At street level, these pergolas appear again, providing covered parking but also serving to reduce the three-storey building down to an appropriate domestic scale in keeping with its urban environment..