Public & Infrastructure

Stellenbosch Wastewater Treatment Works – New Administration Building

Location: Stellenbosch

Client: Stellenbosch Municipality

Structural and Mechanical Engineering: Aurecon

Year: 2017

Recognition: CESA AON 2020 Award


A new Administration Building with Laboratories and Controls, that manage the operations and functioning of the Local Authority Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The design of the building aims to put the people who will be operating the plant at the centre of the architectural concept. This ‘operator-centric’ approach drives the spatial layouts, and aims to encourage active engagement between operator and their duties, and between operator and the building itself.

The building’s facade is informed by the location and orientation of the building on the site, and shields a glazed west facing first floor from solar gain, whilst maintaining uninterrupted views of the plant operations. The building and its facilities are also used by Stellenbosch University’s Engineering Faculty.

A limited palette of materials and details are employed to simplify construction, and bring visual continuity to the plant.