Julie Morelle

Julie is a dynamic architect and real estate consultant from Brussels and currently lives in Cape Town. She graduated with a Master’s Degree of Architecture at Catholic University of Louvain and followed up her studies with a Masters in Real Estate and Finance at Solvay Business School of Economics & Management in Brussels.¬†She has been working as property developer over the past six years with a focus on the development of large scale mixed-use projects, including housing, retail, infrastructure and mobility issues. Her experience as property developer gave her an advanced knowledge regarding social, economic and urbanistic matters. Her aim is to work towards sustainable goals, including innovative solutions and ecological construction methods for affordable and evolutive concepts and urbanistic designs, in line with the still evolving environment, to create the cities of tomorrow.

Julie leads various residential projects and works on the development of infrastructure projects, with the aim to creating a positive impact on the living conditions and the economic environment of our country.


2017: Executive Master in Finance, Solvay School of Economics & Management, ULB – Brussels, Belgium

2013: Executive Master in Real Estate, Solvay School of Economics & Management, ULB – Brussels, Belgium

2012: Master in Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering & Urban Planning, UCL – Brussels, Belgium


2013: Top performer with special mention & award for best project in the executive master in real estate for “revitalize and rethink the city of Brussels in a sustainable way”